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Will Modi bail out Trump?

Indian troops for Afghanistan
Vol. 13 | ISSUE 8 | NOVEMBER 2019

Afganistan-mapNORTH and South Block corridors are reportedly discussing the issue of sending 28,000 Army troops to Afghanistan. The discussion has become serious after the recent visit of Prime Minister Modi to USA. Sources disclosed that US Army think tanks are of the opinion that USA should pull out their troops immediately from the conflict zone of Afghanistan. The question is, who can possibly bail out the US from the crisis? They have zeroed down on India to bail them out. Sources disclosed that the US has requested India to think about it and send troops to Afghanistan. National Security Advisor AjitDoval met Afghan counterpart HamdullahMohib at the beginning of the year. Afghan army officers undergo training in India on a regular basis. India had earlier also supplied Afghan armed forces with four Russian-made helicopters. US President Donald Trump earlier announced that he had directed to bring back half of the 14,000 American troops in Afghanistan, even as the 17-year-old war continues and the Taliban threaten large parts of the landlocked country. One school of geo-politics experts are of the opinion that India’s objective in Afghanistan should not be fighting any factions but denying Pakistan the strategic depth and use Afghanistan as a base to encircle and attack Pakistan in case of a war. The troubling issue is the Taliban. The Taliban leadership at this moment seems like a puppet, working for the interests of their Pakistani masters. Doval has opined that if the price is good enough the Taliban may change their loyalties. The issue of sending troops had earlier come up when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister. The then Defence Minister Jaswant Singh was a votary of the idea as he had reportedly promised his friend Strobe Talbott. Vajpayee played a master stroke and put the issue before Parliament and issue was diffused. Military officials at that time briefed the PM that our Army can’t fight under the leadership and command of US Generals. Is Modi ready to bail out his friend Trump before the US elections?gfiles end logo

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