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Under attack

Vol. 13 | ISSUE 9 | DECEMBER 2019

AK-chaudharyCHAIRMEN of public sector undertakings are living in fear since Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Chairman AK Chaudhary was attacked by hardcore criminals, that too in New Delhi’s posh Lodhi Road area. The conspiracy to kill the SAIL boss was hatched by a contractor AK Singh as SAIL had cancelled Singh’s Rs. 100 crore deal. The heat has not cooled down till now and sources disclosed that he is fighting the battle alone. How one can dare to attack the CMD of a navratna PSU without political patronage, one wonders. Delhi Police and investigators of the case know the criminals and their patrons well but nothing is moving. Sources disclosed that a Member of Parliament and a staff member of a powerful Union minister are interfering in the case. The influential Member of Parliament keeps asking all sorts of questions in Parliament regarding the activities of SAIL. Chaudhary is being pressured to enter a compromise and settle the case. CMD SAIL is not in a mood to settle the criminal case or compromise with the criminals. He is determined to fight it out and send the criminals to jail. The real puzzle is why the powerful minister despite knowing the gravity of the case is protecting the perpetrators of the crime.gfiles end logo

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VOL.13 | ISSUE 9 | DEC 2019
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