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Groupism grows in party
Vol. 13 | ISSUE 9 | DECEMBER 2019

Sonia-gandhiSEASONED political observers are confused by the acute reluctance of the Congress party to seize the narrative following the country-wide agitation that broke out after the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by the Parliament. They feel that the Congress missed a golden opportunity early into Narendra Modi’s second term to pin him down. A number of Congress watchers have pointed out that the mass agitation would have acquired a sharper edge if the Congress party leaders had hit the streets in support of the agitators. It’s apparent that the Congress is passing through an acute phase of confusion and internal wrangling that has paralysed the party’s ability to take quick political decisions. This can be explained by looking at the power dynamics within the party. Congress insiders have revealed that there are three groups currently jousting to take charge of its affairs. One group of leaders back former president, Rahul Gandhi, and feel that he made a mistake by resigning after the 2019 election debacle. But this group is pitted against the entrenched group of old loyalists who are close to the interim president, Sonia Gandhi. The old timers and the young Turks that back Rahul don’t see eye-to-eye. This situation is further complicated by Sonia’s affection for Rahul at a personal level. Then there is a third group in the party which believes that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is the right person to lead the party at this juncture and take on the BJP. This group hasn’t been able to make much headway due to the reluctance on part of the old loyalists to give her a long rope. One important section feels as the Rahul charisma has faded away, only Priyanka can save them from embarrassment and defeat in the next general election. Priyanka is waiting for the time being, but it may be too late…gfiles end logo

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