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Vol. 13 | ISSUE 7 | OCTOBER 2019

KhubleThere is nothing new about palace intrigues. Anything can happen, at any time and only the king knows what is happening–especially when Narendra Modi is at the helm of affairs. As per sources, no one knows what Modi is up to: his moves are closely guarded. Bhaskar Khulbe, a 1983-batch IAS officer of the West Bengal cadre, was serving as Secretary to the Prime Minister. He was sanctioned a six-month extension in March 2019. Khulbe came into prominence when the PMO revealed the salaries of its staff. Khulbe emerged as the highest-paid PMO man with a monthly salary of `2.01 lakh. Everybody was sure in the PMO that Khulbe would get another extension as he was hard working and understood the mindset of Mr. Modi. Sometimes, he even used to write the Prime Minister’s speeches. He was working till the last day late into night with the Prime Minister but he quietly moved out from PMO on September 30, 2019, as his term was over. This surprised everybody. Insiders inform, that Khulbe himself did not want another extension as the fast paced work schedule of the PMO didn’t leave any time for an officer to look after family and immediate needs. There is no Secretary now as per the PMO website. Now PMO is being governed by Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister PK Mishra. Before leaving for the day Khulbe met the PM for half an hour. He shook hands with him and exited from the PMO. Khulbe is now resting at his Lodhi Estate house. Sources disclosed that the PM may still utilise his talent in something or the other.gfiles end logo

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