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Fadnavis left in the lurch?

Amit Shah looks the other way
Vol. 13 | ISSUE 8 | NOVEMBER 2019

Devendra-FadnavisTHE perception in Delhi is that Amit Shah is the implementer of “Sahib’s” (read Narendra Modi) orders. Like a solider of an army, he never has doubts and implements the ‘orders’ verbatim, but when the soldier becomes a General, there will always be a divergence in implementing the orders as he leads the troops of followers and workers. Amit Shah has come of that age. He now has his own team of politicians like Dharmendera Pradhan, Anurag Thakur, Kailash Vijayvargiya, Bhupendra Yadav and Dr. Anil Jain. There is a buzz in the BJP that in the Modi 2.0 regime, Amit Shah is not the same as he was earlier. The latest example is Maharashtra, where the political calculations of the BJP have gone haywire. It was a known fact that Devendra Fadnavis would be the Chief Minister of Maharashtra but the somersault by Shiv Sena put a spanner in the works. Sources disclosed that Amit Shah displayed an aloofness and was not active the way he was in Haryana and Goa. Devendra Fadnavis has two direct hotlines, one is with Modi and the second with RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. Home Minister Amit Shah, it is also learnt, is not very enthused with the rising status of Fadnavis in the party. Amit Shah reportedly desires to install his trusted lieutenant Chandrakant Patil as CM. Maharashtra has its own importance being the main revenue centre for every political party. Fadnavis reportedly only reports to Modi and his indifference of Amit Shah has been noted. Another move noted by the RSS leadership has been how Amit Shah installed his son Jay Shah as Secretary of BCCI. That is the beauty of politics–when one gains power, one’s hunger grows for absolute power. Yeh dil maange more!gfiles end logo

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