Book Review

Book Review : Decriminalising the victims

by gs sood

Four-Pillars-at-war-june16THE facts contained in the book may have faded out of the memory of most since it is based on the events that author revisited after a gap of more than a decade of his 20 years (1983-2003) association at senior level with government of India as frontline operation officer as an Officer Commanding on Internal security duty in field to policy making and planning in Vigilance and Counter Intelligence. But as the saying goes that ‘those who forget the history are condemned to repeat it’, the book is a must read especially for those manning the current establishment since the onus now lies on Modi Government to correct the grave misdeeds committed by the previous regime knowingly or unknowingly to remain in power.

Also, in a state of falsehood where police and judiciary are turned into coercive arms of the state to perpetrate organised violence with deluge of disinformation to give legitimacy to state tyranny through its planted operations on the pretext of preserving unity and territorial integrity of the nation, it becomes impossible for independent scholars to have access to reliable and authentic data (that author as an insider provides) on chain of such critical events that help India sustain its proxy war against its civil society and persistent criminal acts of state agencies in India. On one count, the author concludes that police in every state of India is one of the most hated and feared organisation by the public due to its predatory work culture. Public in general do not trust the police its corruption and criminalization.

The author has given an illustrative account of how the “Executive pillar of democracy, manned by dumb babus of IAS/IPS without any domain expertise, devoid of problem solving aptitude and organising abilities appointed for being pliable with criminal propensities, blind obedience and loyalty to enlightened political terrorists in position of power doomed the public of this republic. He illustrates with evidences as to how theory of ‘Controlled Chaos’ evolved by evil political genius with sponsored acts of terrorism through its rogue intelligence and security agencies was mistaken to belief that it would ensure their continuity in power and invariably lead to uncontrolled events in politics.

He writes that if India will ever disintegrate, it will be due to the excesses of its existing colonial police work culture and security forces. Country is all about its people, rest is all theory and vested interests wrapped in piece of cloth handed over to bunch of thugs in special costumes, who march in rank and file, for nothing but their livelihood and brand it as “Nationalism”. It’s time to redefine the “Nationalism” and make each and every anti people state functionary accountable for his acts of treason against the people and the country.

Discussing the role of army in democracies, the author observes that Indian Army and paramilitary forces will keep failing as long as they will keep meddling in internal political affairs of the country and themselves to be used by divisive political leadership against own countrymen and will be doomed, the day they will be pitted against external aggression. They will have to protect on two fronts, their internal front of alienated masses who have been their victims since last 68 years and the adversary.

He says that if a corrupt political government enacts the laws of lawlessness to criminalise and disintegrate a political movement of civic sovereignty, it becomes the moral responsibility of democratically elected popular political government to decriminalise the victims and not only provide them relief but to honor their sacrifices and compensate them for the hardships these victims endured.

VOL. 10, ISSUE 3 | JUNE, 2016


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