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By the way : Revenge of Realtors

VOL. 13 | ISSUE 5 | AUGUST 2019

Haryana-Chief-Secretary-DheFOR some time, there was a doubt about the professional future of Depinder Singh Dhesi, the former Chief Secretary, Haryana, who retired in June 2019. One wasn’t sure whether, as is the norm, he would be given a plum post-retirement government posting that comes with the requisite benefits. In fact, there were subtle hints that this may be a rare case when a Chief Secretary is left in the lurch. There were obvious factors such as those related to a famous politician’s infamous husband, and leading domestic realtors. By the way, long time ago, it was the former Chief Secretary, who allowed the controversial husband to buy several properties in the state in hugely profitable deals. Now, Dhesi has been appointed as Chairman, Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission, for five years. Clearly, the powerful realtor lobby in the state has prevailed. For decades, Haryana’s policies and politics were impacted by real estate companies. Housing and construction boom fuelled growth and prosperity. Anyone and everyone, who wanted to make money, dipped into the real estate basket. It made the fortunes of several chief ministers, ministers, and companies. The politician’s husband was one of them. There were allegations that he received loans from several agencies to buy properties at deliberately depressed prices, and whose values obviously jumped within no time. The loans were unsecured, and without any collaterals. Like a Damocles Sword, these cases have hung over several heads, and taken a toll. gfiles end logo

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