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by the way : Communicating thru’ Twitter

Vol. 13 | ISSUE 4 | JULY 2019

By-the-way-(twitter)Narendra Modi seems to have a penchant for appearing in public, giving speeches, and keeping in continuous touch with the masses, civil servants, and other stakeholders. One may assume that he is an extrovert. But this isn’t true. In private official life, he doesn’t like to meet too many people, especially when they wish to do so to sort out problems and irritants. But the Prime Minister also realises that he has to work for the people, for his supporters, for that is why they overwhelming chose him for the second time. To create an efficient and effective system to do so is imperative. Modi relied on technology and his loyal team to deal with people’s problems. If someone, anyone, details a problem on social media, especially Twitter, and hashtags the Prime Minister or his office, he or she will receive a call from the relevant department or agency within a few days. And the work is done. The system works even more beautifully when it comes to the RSS. A number of senior and mid-level RSS leaders wished to meet the PM. This was especially so when Modi came back to power. But the PM was reluctant to do so. But in their case too, if the RSS people post something on Twitter, the information is relayed to Modi. Since he knows the workings of the organisation and mindset of the crucial individuals, he instantly understands what the person wants. Promptly, a phone call from the relevant agency goes to the RSS person, and his problem is solved. It’s a new way of governance, a unique way to marry technology and personal communication, without having to meet too many people. Obviously, there is a team in the PMO that regularly coordinates with the RSS, including the meetings that Modi does want. In these cases, phone calls go from the PMO to the leader that the PM wishes to meet. And, lo and behold, it happens. gfiles end logo

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