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cabinet secretary term tizzy

Sources say that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) is pondering the grant of yet another extension to Cabinet Secretary BK Chaturvedi. His current two-year extension is due to end in June. The government, especially the PMO, works in its own inimitable style and it will be interesting to see whether it grants him another extension for a year or chooses to appoint him governor of a state. It is said that Chaturvedi would like to be governor of Delhi. Incidentally, the post of lieutenant-governor of Delhi is also about to fall vacant as the present incumbent, BL Joshi, wants to go out of Delhi. The third option before the government is to give Chaturvedi an important ambassadorial appointment.

Now, the IAS fraternity is comfortable with the last two options but not the first. The first time he got an extension, the career of nine senior bureaucrats was affected. Reva Nayyar, president of the IAS Association, resigned in disgust. This time round, a similar number of officers stand to be affected.

Bureaucrats emphasize that they are not against Chaturvedi, but against the granting of extensions that stall other people’s careers. They state that, if an individual is indispensable, he can be accommodated in the PMO or elsewhere. IAS association members feel the PMO should appoint a meritorious and senior officer instead of giving Chaturvedi another extension.

Vol 1,Issue 1 | April 2007

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