From the Chief Editor

From the Chief Editor

Welcome to the inaugural issue of India’s first magazine written, designed and produced for India’s civil services-the vast and formidable network of bureaucracies and public sector organizations that provides continuity and stability to this nation’s governance. Gfiles is more than an information vehicle. It is an interactive and participatory platform for public servants to express their joys, sorrows, anxieties, hopes and ambitions. There is no similar forum.

The content helps general readers to understand that bureaucrats are not robots but dynamic individuals who have to use uncanny dexterity and tact to deal with the daily pressures from politicians and influence peddlers to use governance as a milch cow for vested interests. We cut through rumour mills and help India’s civil servants reach out to one another and become acquainted with their issues, practical problems, everyday challenges and the intricacies of their working environment.

Gfiles is sent free of cost to serving and retired officers of India’s administrative community. We are, however, enclosing a subscription form. Paid subscriptions will be akin to your contribution to our endeavour to ensure that the magazine remains economically viable and, most important, free, fearless and independent in serving the special information needs of the career people who serve this nation.

Inderjit Badhwar
Editor in chief

Vol 1,Issue 1 | April 2007

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