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Business : Two up, one down

Anovel stargazing exercise would be to take the pulse of the government by reading the star charts of three key ministries: Power, Human Resource Development, and Information & Broadcasting.

India was born at midnight on August 15, 1947, under this configuration: Ascendant (lagna)- Taurus, Rahu-Taurus, Mars- Gemini, Moon, Mercury, Sun, Saturn, Venus-Cancer, Jupiter- Libra and Ketu in Scorpio. It was born out of Kaalsarp Yoga since all the planets are helmed between Rahu and Ketu. Thus, it bore sustained uncertainty. The third house houses five planets, Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and deals with prowess, communication skills, self- elief. A malefic planet in this house is very powerful. The five planets form a Rajayoga, Pravajra, exuding energy. Since this Rajayoga is in the third house, he nation uses its energy to benefit citizens.

Power Ministry
The Power Industry is influenced by Saturn and Mars. Whatever comes from the earth is attributable to Saturn. Transfer of power from source to consumer is ruled by actionoriented Mars. Influence of Venus and a sub of Mercury will continue till July 2008. Venus is lord of lagna and its 20-year mahadasa began in 1989. The economy’s revival is traceable to this mahadasa.

Power is in short supply because the Sun is exerting its influence. But Saturn is the significator of the Taurus lagna so India will sort out this problem. Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde’s Moon chart is: Moon-Capricorn, Ketu- Aquarius, Mars-Aries, Jupiter, Saturn-Taurus, Sun, Rahu-Leo and Venus, Mercury in Virgo. Jupiter and Saturn are in fifth house, Mercury and Venus occupy the ninth. Benefic planets occupy all triangles from Moon, Saturn is an exception. When most benefics form a triangle, a man progresses all his life. His horoscope is ruled by Saturn, source of energy and power. The ministry will take vital decisions under him.

HRD ministry
The Human Resource Development ministry comes under the influence of Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter deals with wisdom while Mercury provides telligence to grasp the intricacies of knowledge. The planets play an important role in the chart of HRD Minister Arjun Singh. His chart reads: Ascendant (lagna)-Gemini, Jupiter-Gemini, Mars-Cancer, Sun, Mercury, Ketu-Libra, Venus-Scorpio, Saturn-Sagittarius and Moon, Rahu in Aries.

Arjun Singh’s lagna lord is Mercury and Jupiter is placed in the lagna. His planets have a natural affinity for education. If the Mithun lagna is fortified, the native becomes clear in ideology. Mercury rules logic and reasoning, and someone convinced of his correctness can be rigid. Perhaps this was why he wanted to push through his reservation quotas in IT and medical colleges. In his chart, a major period of Jupiter’s influence will continue till October 2009. Jupiter has occupied the lagna and is aspected by Saturn from the seventh house. This ministry is in good hands.

I&B Ministry
The Information & Broadcasting Ministry is directly influenced by two planets- ercury and Venus. In astrology, Mercury is the main communicator. In Egyptian astro-mythology, Mercury is considered the messenger of God. Information also needs beautification and marketing and Venus provides glamour to this ministry.

Minister PR Das Munshi’s Scorpio lagna is directly influenced by Mars and Moon, which might make him headstrong

Minister PR Das Munshi’s robust horoscope is ruled by Mars and it reads: scendant (lagna)-Scorpio, Ketu-Capricorn, Moon, Mars-Taurus, Saturn-Gemini, Rahu- Cancer, Jupiter- Leo, Venus-Virgo and Sun, Mercury in Libra. But the Scorpio lagna is directly influenced by Mars and Moon, which might make the minister headstrong. In his chart, however, Mercury is displaced by a debilitated Sun in the 12th house. That does not make him a natural choice to head the ministry.

Vol 1,Issue 1 | April 2007

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