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Targetting the Wakf

gameplan to build perceptions

Targetting-the-WakfTHE leadership of Wakf Boards across the country is a worried lot. The ruling NDA government has drawn up a long-term plan to cleanse the Congress-dominated and nominated Wakf Boards. As per intelligence sources, the government has the feedback that these Wakf Boards are allegedly breeding nefarious activities in India. Sources, however, disclosed that the NDA government is being cautious about launching an all-out onslaught and has instead sought to build the groundwork first. A conference of Sufi scholars from about 20 countries was organised under the aegis of The World Sufi Forum in Delhi in March by top Muslim clerics. All the top Sufi leaders reassured Modi that they want to make India, which has a 170 million strong Muslim community, a hub of moderate Islam. Before this conference, an anti-terrorism Sunni conference organised by the All India Tanzeem Ulama-e-Islam, was held in February, which spewed venom against the Wahabi ideology and cautioned the community against the radicalisation being funded by Saudi and Qatar petro dollars. The gathering of Barelvi Sufi clerics sought government action to contain the followers of the Wahabi sect in Waqf Boards, among other things. But who was behind the planning and execution of these two conferences? None other than National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, a former IPS officer of the Kerala cadre. Doval understands the Muslim psyche and the dynamics of the Arab world. The idea is to isolate all divisive Muslim leaders, who are proxies of one party or the other, and control religious outfits. Watch for the next moves.

VOL. 10, ISSUE 1 | APRIL, 2016

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