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Priya lends a helping hand

When Minister for Information & Broadcasting Priya Ranjan Das Munshi issued a departmental fiat on September 15, 2006, ordering formation of a committee for purchase of 300 films to be telecast on Doordarshan, his aide, Secretary Manoj Kumar Agarwal, got the order implemented with due haste. The committee included the Prasar Bharati CEO, the Doordarshan DG, and the ADG (Finance). The lastnamed happens to be Rajat Bhargava, a batchmate of Agarwal. Both are from the 1990 batch and are originally from UP though Agarwal is from the West Bengal cadre and Bhargava from the Andhra Pradesh one.

Though regional films were excluded, there were many bidders for, with Rs 10 lakh being paid for each film, the total amount at stake was Rs 30 crore. Bypassing several bidders quoting lower rates, the order went to two Mumbai-based distributors.

Vol 1,Issue 1 | April 2007

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