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gfiles establishes a more intimate rapport with the people who run the Indian government than any other print or electronic medium.

Bureaucrats—the ‘steel frame of governance’—are role models for the masses in several ways. Besides, the top honchos of the Indian corporate sector, the judiciary and heads of foreign missions are also the avowed readers of our magazine.

In the changing hierarchy of needs, these people of the top echelon fancy branded high-end products – pens, footwear, watches, globally renowned designer fabrics and apparels, sun glasses, mobile phones and so on. They make excellent brand ambassadors and product champions in metropolitan areas as well as rural markets.

They are a powerful catalyst for generating a wider market because of their executive authority to allocate and spend huge sums of money for purchase of capital/consumer goods and services. They have at their disposal, Rs.10 lakh crores. Of this, they are empowered to spend more than Rs.6 lakh crores (non-Plan expenditure) on development and infrastructure projects, generating spin-offs and a multiplier effect on economy and markets.

gfiles reaches the Union bureaucracy in 627 districts. Its readers have the executive mandate to receive and distribute funds. They have the authority to make and implement decisions that create and shape product markets.

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