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gfiles-mary2015-45Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised bureaucrats to spend quality time with family as the government needs humans in offices and not robots but state governments seem to be disregarding his advice. A number of newly married civil servant couples have been unable to get cadre transfer, and are living in separate states. Afsana Perveen, 2014 batch, J&K cadre, requested an inter-cadre transfer to the Kerala cadre on grounds of her marriage to Jafar Malik, 2013 batch. A letter intimating the present status of the case along with copies of the letters sent to the state government have been issued to Perveen. Dinesh Kumar, IAS, 2013 batch, Manipur-Tripura cadre, applied for inter-cadre transfer to the Andhra Pradesh cadre on the grounds of his marriage to his batchmate, Vijaya K. It is learnt that Kumar’s vigilance clearance was denied because of default in filing IPR for 2014. Similarly, U Swaroop, 2011 batch, West Bengal cadre, sought an inter-cadre transfer to Tamil Nadu while Dr Kadambari Bhagat, 2010 batch, Nagaland cadre, applied for inter-cadre transfer to the Maharashtra cadre on the grounds of marriage to Balkwade Shailesh Unmesh, a 2010-batch Maharashtra cadre IPS officer. Sources disclose that the request has been rejected as the officer sought transfer from the home state. Nidhi, 2013 batch, West Bengal cadre, IAS, sought an inter-cadre transfer to the AGMUT cadre on the grounds of marriage to Devesh Kumar, 2012 batch, AGMUT cadre, IPS. The comments of the state governments concerned have not been received. Swati Srivastava, 2012 batch, IAS, Chhattisgarh cadre, applied for inter-cadre transfer to the Uttarakhand cadre on grounds of marriage to Nitin Singh Bhadauria, 2011 batch, IAS, of that cadre. No approval from the government of Chhattisgarh has come as yet. Killu Siva Kumar Naidu, 2011 batch, Manipur-Tripura cadre, IAS, applied for an inter-cadre transfer from the Manipur-Tripura cadre to the Telangana cadre on the grounds of marriage to Chetana Mylabathula, 2013 batch, Telangana cadre, IPS. The state government is silent till now. Riju Bafna, IAS, 2014 batch, Chhattisgarh cadre, applied for an inter-cadre transfer to the Madhya Pradesh cadre on the grounds of marriage to her batchmate, Avi Prasad. The government of Chhattisgarh did not issue a No Objection Certificate to the officer on account of paucity of IAS officers. Surprisingly, the Chhattisgarh government conveyed a “No Objection” to the inter-cadre transfer of her spouse, Avi Prasad, to Chhattisgarh.

VOL. 9, ISSUE 2 | May 2015

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