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Bric a Brac : INLD no more

Ajay Chautala plans alternative
VOL. 12 | ISSUE 8 | NOV 2018

Om-Prakash-ChautalaHARYANA is one of the most politically volatile states, and intricate strategies are required to win the election battle in the state. Politicking is sure to intensify as the elections to the state assembly are scheduled in 2019. The ruling BJP is ahead in rankings, though the leadership is apparently not doing much other than being orchestrating the disintegration of other political parties within the state. The first to disintegrate is the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD). INLD patriarch Om Prakash Chautala is in jail for the teacher recruitment scam. There was battle for control of the INLD: On one side are Ajay Chautala, his MLA wife, Naina Chautala, MP son, Dushyant Chautala and Digvijay Chautala. The other side is represented by Abhay Chautala, leader of opposition in the Haryana assembly, who has the tacit blessings of his father Om Prakash and trusted party followers. Infighting is nothing new for the family of former Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal. Devi Lal fought all his life with his four brothers, who most of the time criticised their tall brother. Even Om Prakash Chautala and Ranjit Singh (sons of Devi Lal) most of the time worked at cross purposes. In the current scenario, the BJP was aware of the uphill task in regaining power if the INLD was fully functional. Sources disclosed that the coup in the INLD was designed in Delhi and Gurugram. In Delhi, a so-called Brahmin leader, industrialist, and media baron of Haryana played chess along with one of the top colonisers of the state. BJP politicians in Chandigarh in turn helping the Brahmin leader’s TV and newspaper business by doling out millions in the form of advertisements. The Brahmin leader’s eventual dream is to bail out his son from Tihar and this has been promised after May 2019 by the powers that be at the centre. The efforts have paid off with Ajay Chautala announcing the disintegration of the INLD at the Jind rally and the launch of a new party in December 2018. gfiles end logo

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