Bric a Brac

Hot seat in Gujarat

anandiben patel leads the fray

img-april14-5A certain political strategist within the BJP feels that Narendra Modi should have resigned as Chief Minister and then campaigned for the Prime Ministership but admitted it is not an easy decision, not only for Modi but also for the BJP and RSS to immediately relieve a strong Chief Minister. The question is if the BJP gets a majority and Modi becomes the next Prime Minister of this country, who will take over the reins of the Gujaratgovernment? There is a long queue but sources say, after observing past trends, Anandiben Patel is likely to be the new Chief Minister of Gujarat. Patel and her daughter manage the show and control the power within the State. It is to be seen whether RSS elements within the BJP who are not in favour of her gender would like to see her as the first woman Chief Minister of a BJP-ruled State. Much like Modi has proved everybody wrong, if NaMo comes to Delhi, Patel will be the new Chief Minister, defying everybody.

VOL. 8, ISSUE 1 | April | 2014

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