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Officers B'day List
List of officers who's birthday falls in the month of "October". Please select month for more information --
Total Record : 518
Officers CategoryNameDate of BirthEmailCadre
IAS A Didar Singh 10/15/1951 singhad@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS A K Sharma 10/22/1948 sharmaak71@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS A P V N Sarma 10/20/1949 sarmaav@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS A Vani Prasad 10/2/1967 prasada4@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Abhijit Dasgupta 10/28/1950 dasgupt3@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS Abhijit Sengupta 10/15/1948 sengupta72@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS Abhimanyu Singh 10/12/1951 samanyu@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS Ajay Nath 10/9/1955 natha1@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Ajay Tyagi 10/12/1958 tyagia@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Ajay Yadav 10/6/1978 ajayyadav.ias@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Ajeet Kumar Sahu 10/6/1974 aksahu03@ias.nic.in JAMMU AND KASHMIR
IAS Amandeep Garg 10/10/1974 gargd@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Amir Subhani 10/4/1964 subhania@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Amita Sharma 10/8/1954 sharmaa@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Amitabh Kaushal 10/3/1973 kaushala@ias.nic.in JHARKHAND
IAS Amitabha Bhattacharya 10/21/1949 bcharya1@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Anil Chandra Punetha 10/5/1959 punethaa@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Anil Kumar 10/10/1966 kmranil2@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Anil Kumar Jain 10/16/1962 jainak6@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anita Agnihotri 10/10/1956 anitaa@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS Anita Das 10/26/1948 dasa@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anita Tegta 10/16/1954 anitategta@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Aparna U 10/11/1975 uaparna@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Apoorva Kumar Singh 10/24/1967 sapoorva@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Apurva Varma 10/10/1961 vapurva@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Aravind Kumar 10/26/1966 karvind1@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Archana Agrawal 10/9/1966 agrawala@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Arun Prasad 10/3/1951 arunprasad.ias@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Arvind Kumar Chugh 10/4/1952 chughak@ias.nic.in JHARKHAND
IAS Arvind Kumar Pandey 10/8/1954 pandeyak81@ias.nic.in JHARKHAND
IAS Arvind Kumar Singh 10/2/1951 arvindsingh.ias@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Arvind Mayaram 10/13/1955 amayaram@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS Ashok Kumar Gupta 10/26/1957 akgupta@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Ashok Lavasa 10/21/1957 lavasaa@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Ashok Thakur 10/9/1954 tashok@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Asoke Kumar Bala 10/11/1948 akbala@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Asutosh Mishra 10/3/1953 amishra1@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Atal Dulloo 10/24/1966 dullooa@ias.nic.in JAMMU AND KASHMIR
IAS Avtar Singh 10/22/1955 savtar@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Ayamo Jami 10/30/1949 jamia@ias.nic.in NAGALAND
IAS B Bhamathi 10/8/1953 bhamathi@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS B Chandra Mohan 10/31/1969 mohanbc@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS B K Naik 10/26/1954 naikbk@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS B Kamal Kumar Pargi 10/11/1952 pargibk@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS B P Kaniram 10/20/1951 kaniramb@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS B R Jayaramaraja Urs 10/24/1951 ursbrjay@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS B Shivappa 10/18/1951 bshivappa@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS B Udayalaxmi 10/12/1958 ulaxmi@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS B Venkatesham 10/4/1968 venkatesham@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Balbir Singh Malik 10/25/1952 bsmalik@ias.nic.in HARYANA