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Officers B'day List
List of officers who's birthday falls in the month of "December". Please select month for more information --
Total Record : 478
Officers CategoryNameDate of BirthEmailCadre
IAS A Dinakar Babu 12/19/1959 a.dinakarbabu@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS A J Shah 12/12/1956 ajshah.ias@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS A K Acharya 12/7/1952 ak.acharya@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS A K Chaturvedi 12/26/1948 akcvedi@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS A K Kutty 12/10/1953 kuttyak@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS A K Lakhina 12/2/1948 lakhinaa@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS A K Monappa 12/27/1950 monappa@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS A M Parmar 12/23/1951 amparmar@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS A Shahjahan 12/7/1961 a.shahjahan@ias.nic.in KERALA
IAS Aariz Aftab 12/24/1964 aftaba@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Abhinav Chandra 12/20/1976 cabhinav@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Ajai Rastogi 12/21/1950 rastogi2@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS Ajay Kumar Gupta 12/4/1956 guptaa3@ias.nic.in KERALA
IAS Ajay Kumar Joshi 12/26/1953 joshiak1@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Ajay Shanker 12/26/1949 shankera@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Ajay Singh 12/2/1960 singajay@ias.nic.in CHHATTISGARH
IAS Ajay Tirkey 12/17/1963 tirkeyaj@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Ajay V Nayak 12/4/1958 nayakav@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Ajay Yadav 12/31/1976 ajay.yadav@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Ajeet Singh Pannu 12/31/1956 aspannu.ias@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS Akhil Kumar Jain 12/27/1949 jainak5@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Alkesh Kumar Sharma 12/8/1963 salkesh@ias.nic.in KERALA
IAS Alok Kumar Pandey 12/16/1978 akpandey.ias@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Ambuj Sharma 12/15/1958 sambuj@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Amit Kiran Deb 12/26/1948 debak1@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Amit Kr Ghosh 12/29/1966 ghoshak@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anand Bardhan 12/6/1967 abardhan@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Anand Sharma 12/29/1948 sanand@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Anbalagan P 12/5/1972 palagan@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Anil Kumar Yadav 12/13/1974 yanilkr@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anil Verma 12/28/1965 vermanil@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Aniruddhe Mukherjee 12/24/1968 anirudhe@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anita Singh 12/5/1964 sanita@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Ankur Gupta 12/13/1964 guptaa7@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Anna Kuryan Dani 12/6/1952 daniak@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Anup Mukerji 12/9/1951 manup@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Anuradha Thakur 12/4/1970 thakura@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Aramane Giridhar 12/6/1963 giridhar@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Archana Arora 12/9/1954 archna83@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Arjun Ram `Meghwal 12/20/1953 ar.meghwal@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS Arun Kumar 12/15/1956 kmrarun2@ias.nic.in JAMMU AND KASHMIR
IAS Arun Kumar Mathur 12/2/1952 akmathur@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Aruna Sundararajan 12/7/1959 aruna@ias.nic.in KERALA
IAS Asheesh Sharma 12/25/1971 sashish@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Ashish Kr Goel 12/2/1973 goelak2@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Ashish Kumar Singh 12/31/1963 sashishk@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Ashok Kumar 12/23/1950 krashok2@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Ashok Kumar Tigidi 12/16/1950 tigidiak@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Asim Kumar Roy Chowdhury 12/19/1952 asimkumar.ias@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Asit Kumar Tripathy 12/23/1960 tasitkr@ias.nic.in ORISSA