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Officers B'day List
List of officers who's birthday falls in the month of "May". Please select month for more information --
Total Record : 601
Officers CategoryNameDate of BirthEmailCadre
IAS A N Safeena 5/27/1968 safeenaa@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS A P Sinha 5/6/1947 sinhaap2@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS A Subbiah 5/30/1963 subbiaha@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS A T Kumbhar 5/6/1955 at.kumbhar@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Adesh Titarmare 5/19/1983 adesh.ias@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Afzal Amanullah 5/14/1956 amanulla@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Ajai Singh Nabiyal 5/28/1952 01UL063317@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Ajay Kumar Singh 5/2/1970 sajaykr@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Ajay Shanker Tewari 5/8/1970 tewarias@ias.nic.in ASSAM-MEGHALAYA
IAS Ajoy Sharma 5/12/1973 sajoy@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS Ajoyendra Pyal 5/8/1953 pyala@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS Alapan Bandopadhyay 5/17/1961 alapanb@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Alex V F Paul Menon V 5/2/1980 alexmenon.ias@ias.nic.in CHHATTISGARH
IAS Alok Kumar Jain 5/24/1955 jainak2@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Alok Perti 5/15/1952 pertia@ias.nic.in ASSAM-MEGHALAYA
IAS Amar Singh 5/26/1953 singha1@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Amitabha Pande 5/14/1948 pandea@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS Amjad Tak 5/7/1978 amjad@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Anand Kumar Hemkar 5/6/1947 hemkarak@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS Anand Misra 5/9/1955 misraa1@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anand Narain Asthana 5/9/1951 asthanaa@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anikita Mishra 5/1/1976 ankitam@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Anil Kumar 5/17/1953 kmranil1@ias.nic.in NAGALAND
IAS Anil Kumar 5/6/1959 kmranil4@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Anil Kumar-Ii 5/19/1966 kumanil2@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anil Udhavrao Diggikar 5/25/1966 diggikar@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Anjani Kumar Singh 5/2/1958 singhak5@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Anjani Kumar Verma 5/15/1951 anjaniverma.ias@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Anoop Mishra 5/16/1955 anoopm@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anshul Mishra 5/6/1977 anshulmishra@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Anupam Punyanand Bhagat 5/7/1976 bhagatap@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Anwar Ehsan Ahmad 5/16/1952 aeahmad@ias.nic.in MANIPUR-TRIPURA
IAS Arindam Som 5/24/1951 soma90@ias.nic.in ASSAM-MEGHALAYA
IAS Arti Kanwar 5/8/1975 kanwara@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Arun Kumar Samantaray 5/8/1951 sarunkr@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS Arun Kumar Sinha 5/14/1957 sinhaak5@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Arvind Jadhav 5/6/1956 jadhava@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS Arvind Singh 5/14/1963 sarvind@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Asha James 5/27/1964 jamesa@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Asheesh Joshi 5/1/1977 asheeshjoshi.ias@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Ashim Khurana 5/13/1956 kashim@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Ashok Kumar Singla 5/20/1952 aksingla.ias@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS Ashok Ranjan Mohanty 5/15/1958 mohantya@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Ashwini Satish Bhide 5/25/1970 bhideas@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Asok Kumar Patnaik 5/24/1948 pasokkr@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Aswathy S 5/15/1977 aswathys@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS Atanu Chakraborty 5/4/1960 catanu@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Atul Bagai 5/3/1959 bagaia@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Azeez Mehdi Khan 5/5/1953 khanam@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS B Ramaiah 5/7/1951 ramaiah.ias@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH