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Officers B'day List
List of officers who's birthday falls in the month of "September". Please select month for more information --
Total Record : 473
Officers CategoryNameDate of BirthEmailCadre
IAS A K Kaluaram Meena 9/29/1969 akmeena@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS A K Tiwari 9/26/1965 tiwariak@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS A P Joshi 9/9/1953 joshiap1@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS A R Sukumar 9/8/1958 sukumar2@ias.nic.in ANDHRA PRADESH
IAS A S Srikantha 9/3/1950 srikanth@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS A Sukumaran 9/17/1951 sukumar1@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Ajatshatru Srivastava 9/6/1958 ajatshatru@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Ajay Kumar 9/6/1979 ajaykumar.ias@ias.nic.in GUJARAT
IAS Ajoy G Mehta 9/21/1959 agmehta@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Ajoy Kumar 9/30/1960 kmrajay3@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Alok Kumar Srivastava 9/24/1959 srialokk@ias.nic.in SIKKIM
IAS Alok Ranjan 9/3/1956 aranjan78@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Alok Tandon 9/22/1962 tandona@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Alok Vardhan Chaturvedi 9/25/1959 cavardan@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Amal Kumar Verma 9/20/1950 vamalkr@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Amit Khare 9/14/1961 kamit@ias.nic.in JHARKHAND
IAS Amitabh Verma 9/16/1959 vermaa@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Anil Kumar Agarwal 9/22/1956 akagarwl@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Anil Kumar Gupta 9/30/1956 guptaak@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anil Kumar-III 9/24/1974 kmranil3@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Anita Chaudhary 9/21/1952 canita@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Anita Kaul 9/19/1954 kaula@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS Ansuli Arya 9/17/1966 ansuli@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Anthony J C DeSa 9/10/1956 desaaj@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Anuradha Gupta 9/12/1958 guptaa4@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Apurva Chandra 9/19/1964 capurva@ias.nic.in MAHARASHTRA
IAS Ardhendu Sen 9/25/1950 sena@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL
IAS Arun Arya 9/29/1961 arunarya@ias.nic.in UTTARAKHAND
IAS Arun Kumar Gupta 9/14/1966 arunkr@ias.nic.in HARYANA
IAS Arun Kumar Rath 9/1/1949 rathak@ias.nic.in JHARKHAND
IAS Ashish Kumar 9/1/1980 ashish.k@ias.nic.in TAMIL NADU
IAS Ashish Kumar Bhutani 9/21/1967 bhutania@ias.nic.in ASSAM-MEGHALAYA
IAS Ashish Upadhyay 9/24/1964 uashish@ias.nic.in MADHYA PRADESH
IAS Ashok Kumar 9/8/1950 kmrashok@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Ashok Kumar C Manoli 9/23/1952 akmanoli@ias.nic.in KARNATAKA
IAS Ashok Kumar Gupta 9/17/1955 guptaak1@ias.nic.in PUNJAB
IAS Ashok Kumar-I 9/7/1950 kashok@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS Ashwini Dattatraya Thakre 9/29/1979 adthakre.ias@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Asok Kumar Chauhan 9/11/1955 casok@ias.nic.in BIHAR
IAS Atul Sharma 9/22/1952 satul@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS B K Chaturvedi 9/7/1944 balkrish@ias.nic.in UTTAR PRADESH
IAS B L Tiwari 9/8/1956 b.l.tiwari@ias.nic.in CHHATTISGARH
IAS B L Tiwari 9/8/1956 bltiwari@ias.nic.in CHHATTISGARH
IAS B S Mayoji 9/21/1953 bsmayoji@ias.nic.in KERALA
IAS B Vijayan 9/30/1954 vijayanb@ias.nic.in UNION TERRITORY
IAS Banuo Zopianga Jamir 9/9/1954 jamirbz@ias.nic.in NAGALAND
IAS Bhagwan Singh Nainta 9/4/1951 naintabs@ias.nic.in HIMACHAL PRADESH
IAS Bhagwat Prasad Arya 9/5/1948 bparya@ias.nic.in RAJASTHAN
IAS Bhaskar Chatterjee 9/9/1951 bhaskarc@ias.nic.in ORISSA
IAS Bhati Ganguly 9/1/1951 bhakti.g@ias.nic.in WEST BENGAL