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Vol. 6 | Issue 5 | Aug 2012

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Undesirable contacts
THE  Central Bureau of Investigation has updated its list of undesirable contact men (UCM) and Government officials have been warned against dealing with these people. After gfiles published a diary item regarding the UCM list, we received many phone calls requesting for names of people on the list. It is learnt that the CBI has identified 23 lobbyists and power brokers (all men), operating in major ministries like finance, defence, home, coal, steel, power, telecom and shipping as ‘undesirable contacts’. As per the list, 14 persons are from Delhi. Former Navy Chief, Admiral S M Nanda’s controversial son Suresh Nanda and his associate Sudhir Choudhary again appear on the list. Other dramatis personae from Delhi are Vinod Kumar Bindal, Sanjeev Kumar Bindal, Ranjith Sinha, Rajeev Singh, Jatinder Pal Singh, Kishore Aggarwal, Gopal Krishnan Kedia, Ravinder Kumar Khera, Pradeep Rana alias Pradeep Singh Rana, Ashish Bose alias Bablu, Mohinder Singh Sahni alias MS Sahni and Ashutosh Verma. From Mumbai, the officials have been cautioned against dealing with SD Kala, Chandan Parmar, Kartik Kothari, Sunil Kumar Narottam Shah and Rajesh Kisorilal Shah. Only one person from Chennai, Sudeendran N, figures in the CBI list which states that he operates in Central Excise, Customs and Department of Revenue Intelligence. There are five people from Kolkata. They include Sanjay Kumar Pasari, who was caught by US authorities for bribing Coal India officials. Pasari is still seen moving around in the Ministry of Steel and Coal and we wonder who deals with him. g


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