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Vol. 6 | Issue 5 | Aug 2012

sadhguru spirituality
Limited ambition, larger vision
Of the four major forces in the world – politics, military, religion and economics – that decide the quality of people’s lives to a large extent, I see the economic force as the biggest possibility for bringing about some unification and sensible action. In the next ten to fifteen years, the economic leadership is poised to play a far more important role in the world than others. Therefore, we are presented with a great opportunity for largescale change. More than 80 per cent of the world’s wealth is controlled by just a few thousand people. Even if just 10 per cent change happens in their hearts, the world will change. The world is hungry not because there is no food. There is more food than the seven billion people on the planet can eat. It is just that those who need it do not get it, because one way or the other, those who have the power and the means have not cared enough to do something about it.
Today’s corporations have grown to such a size that they are as big as governments. That is why today’s corporate leader is required to travel extensively, handle a variety of issues and complexities, and above all, deal with people from diverse cultures. Therefore, a truly successful corporate leader should be versatile and able to multitask in complex situations. If any human being has to handle complex issues on a daily basis without being pulled down by issues and situations, it is extremely important that he is spiritually equipped.
What we refer to as spirituality is just technology for inner wellbeing. Unfortunately, in the course of transferring the spiritual processes through generations, cultural and religious influences naturally become part of it. A spiritual process which is free of cultural and religious trappings is most needed today. It need not be taught as a philosophy or a belief system. It can be imparted through simple methods which will naturally lead to a more inclusive way of experiencing life.
The people who make decisions for everybody should be in a good condition because their decisions impact not just them but also other lives. The business community needs to shift from operating with a limited ambition to a larger vision. It is important that they remain peaceful and joyful by their own nature and not because of the quarterly balance sheet.
The whole modern economy, the very economic engine runs only if people keep buying. When we have an economy like this, we are trying to include more and more people into our list of clients or customers. The idea is to include all the seven billion people on the planet. Right now, approximately 40 per cent of the world’s population is involved in the economic activity in a meaningful way. Excluding 60 per cent of the population and doing business does not make sense – neither your market base nor your human resources have expanded. Expansion is inclusion. You can expand either by conquering or by including. Conquering is a violent way of doing things. So, we need to have a model where all businesses can work with more inclusion. That is why we are talking about inclusive economics. It is a gentler way of doing business.
If we want a gentler and more compassionate economic process, it is not charity but inclusiveness that is needed. If there is no sense of inclusiveness in individual human beings, there is no way that the systems they create or actions they perform will lead to inclusiveness.
Spirituality does not mean going to the temple or breaking coconuts there. It is about living in an all-inclusive way, experiencing everything as a part of yourself. Knowing and experiencing life as life, not as individual personalities. One basic aspect of a spiritual process is that it makes one into an all-inclusive human being. At the same time it will hugely equip the individual to be more efficient, more capable, more balanced and in turn more productive. This is good for business. This is good for the world. g
(Sadhguru, a yogi, is a visionary, humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader. An author, poet, and internationally-renowned speaker, Sadhguru’s wit and piercing logic provoke and widen our perception of life. www.ishafoundation.org) 
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