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Vol. 6 | Issue 5 | Aug 2012


Made for each other

saif-kareena wedding update

In yet another twist to the Saif-Kareena wedding, it is now learnt that the wedding would be held as decided on October 16,    and not at the end of year as reported by some. But instead of Sharmila Tagore hosting the festivities at the sprawling palace at Pataudi, the wedding would be held in Mumbai at R K Studios. This is because Kareena’s dad Randhir Kapoor has insisted that his daughter cannot get married from her in-laws house but must be married from their own premises. Interestingly, Kareena, who will be wearing Sharmila’s wedding dress and her jewels, is not happy about R K Studios being the venue as she considers it to be inauspicious. Her elder sister Karishma got married there and it is no secret that the marriage has been full of turbulence from the beginning. Karishma is now living in Mumbai. Sharmila will now host the reception in Delhi on October 19 but the buzz is that there may be further changes before the wedding actually and finally takes place. Watch this space for the latest twist and turn. g

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