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Vol. 6 | Issue 4|July2012
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Persona non grata
It is true that Delhi leads the other metros in fixers, wheeler-dealers and power brokers but the numbers leave one a bit bemused. For, according to the CBI, there are only 23 such persons operating in all the four metros -- Delhi (15), Mumbai (3), Kolkata (4) and Chennai (1). This is from a list of undesirable persons circulated by the CBI among senior officers so that they keep them at arm’s length or at least be cautious in dealing with them. These persons are said to be active in several ministries such as Finance, MEA, Petroleum, Urban Development, Heavy Industries, Defence, Power and Steel, a number of PSUs, especially ONGC, IOC, and MTNL. Expectedly, most of them have great interest in the three departments of customs, excise and income tax. Most of them understandably are rich and influential members of Delhi’s Page 3 circuit living at addresses such as Prithviraj Road, Sunder Nagar, Chanakyapuri and Greater Kailash. Now, we learn another list is being prepared. A veteran reporter of a leading city daily is compiling a “Whose Who & Who’s Whom” of bureaucrats and senior CBI men! This will be a unique list of senior officers and their political patrons, corporate sponsors and city’s bigwig fixers who act as their handlers and fix deals of, by and for them. gfiles was given a peep at the list and found it extremely amusing. The list is still under preparation. For some officers, information has been checked and double checked, while for others preliminary information has been received but cross checking is yet to be done. The enterprising reporter has roped in fellow reporters in different cities to get the dope on officers in their area. g

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Saturday, August 04, 2012
This is the ideal answer. Everynoe should read this

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