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Vol. 6 | Issue 3 | June 2012

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Valley and wandering dogs

Srinagar is believed to facing a peculiar problem. Suddenly, the stray dog population in the Valley has increased and some are of high pedigree. Resident welfare associations are holding meetings, newspapers are abuzz and discussions are going in at all levels on how to control this menace. These dogs come along with military, police and paramilitary officials who join on transfer and stay almost three years. The pet is well taken care of by the orderlies or servants till the time the officer serves. The problem arises when the officials are transferred. Most officers just leave their pets behind and don’t take along with them. The reasons are best known to them. This is especially seen in the case of old dogs. So, official circles are seized of the matter and people are discussing how officers can be warned not to leave their pets behind. But the difficulty is that there is no system of knowing who has a pet at home. One suggestion doing the rounds is that a pet/dog registration system be developed within the government! g

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