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Vol. 6 | Issue 3 | June 2012
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DD’s predicament
Did you know that there is a TV channel called Rajya Sabha TV, managed by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat? Though there was ostensibly no need for this channel but who can fathom the minds of some of our Elders. With 781 TV channels already beaming in the sky and around 400 waiting for permission, who will watch this so exclusive and thought ‘provoking channel’. Anyway, it is on air. The Rajya Sabha Secretariat, naturally, did not have the expertise to run the channel. The officials were not even aware of what kind of equipment will be used so they entrusted the entire responsibility to Doordarshan and hired equipment for it. Doordarshan was initially not ready to take on this burden, but how can the DG Doordarshan disobey the Rajya Sabha. So, DD supplied all old equipment as they did not have any budgetary provision. So far, so good. But the Rajya Sabha Secretariat has written to Doordarshan that all the old equipment should be replaced by new ones. Doordarshan is in a fix as it is not meant to run Rajya Sabha TV and there are no funds! On top of it, RSTV has no rating in the commercial field. g

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