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Vol. 6 | Issue 3 | June 2012
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Anand for commerce secretary!
Ever since Rahul Khullar joined as TRAI Chairman, it has been a puzzle in the Ministry of Commerce. According to all reports, Khullar never did get along with Commerce Minister Anand Sharma but he survived as he was close to the Prime Minister. Anand Sharma’s reputation as a tough nut to crack has also seen much see-sawing over the post of Commerce Secretary. The Commerce Ministry is the most important ministry after Finance, Defence and Petroleum and any bureaucrat would love to join as Commerce Secretary but there was reluctance to join the coveted post. Everybody knows that Anand Sharma needs a rubber stamp in the name of the Commerce Secretary. The main contenders were Saurabh Chandra,   P K Chaudhary, Financial Services Secretary D.K. Mittal, Jawed Usmani (all 1978 batch). Chaudhary’s name was even finalised but at the last moment, he joined as Chief Secretary, Haryana, and Akhilesh Yadav appointed Usmani as Chief Secretary, Uttar Pradesh. It was a tough decision for Pulok Chatterjee and Cabinet Secretary and finally they narrowed it down to S R Rao, a   1978 batch IAS officer of Gujarat cadre. The selection of Rao has taken many aback as he was not in the reckoning at all. Now Rao has the challenge of not only
handling an important ministry but the supercilious Anand Sharma, who throws paroxysms on the smallest points.

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