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vikas gupta dc, rohtak (haryana)
‘I got the inspiration to do something good for society’
An IAS officer of the 2001 batch, the extremely focused and hard-working Vikas Gupta joined as DC Rohtak, Haryana in February last year. In 2008, he was honoured with the Skoch Challenger Award for implementation of ICT in Board of School Education, Haryana.
What kind of music you prefer?
Vikas Gupta: I am an ardent fan of Hindi movies, so I prefer listening to Hindi songs.
Which is the last movie you saw?
VG:I saw Dhoop recently. Though the film was released in 2004, I did not get a chance to watch it. On April 12, we had a film festival in Rohtak, where a number of film/documentaries makers like Ajay Sinha, Sushil Rajpal and Satish Kaushik were present, and it was there that I got a chance to see this beautiful movie..
Which character did you like the most and why?
VG: Naming a single character is not an easy task, as the movie is a complete experience in itself. Dhoop is a collective effort of all characters in the film.
What kind of food tempts you the most?
VG: I am very fond of South Indian food. Poha and daal-chawal are other dishes that make me feel good.
Which brand do you prefer the most?
VG: It’s difficult to pick any particular brand. For example, the brand ‘Tata’ comes with its own ethos and image, and products made by them have a certain value. Similarly, if you see Infosys, their tagline is ‘powered by intellect and driven by values’. So, it becomes difficult to choose any one brand.
What is your style statement?
VG: I wear anything that makes me feel comfortable.
Besides governance, what interests you the most?
VG: I enjoy reading non-fiction, fiction, poetry, politics, history and economy.
What have been the highest and lowest points of your life?
VG: My highest and lowest points, both are related to the UPSC examination. The highest was when I came 8th in the exams held in 2001. The lowest was a year earlier when I failed to make it into the final list though I had got an interview call. I cannot forget that day when the results were announced. I couldn’t sleep the whole night!
Who has inspired you the most in life?
VG: My brother, who is a doctor. When I was preparing for the Civil Services examinations, he was appearing for his final year MBBS examinations. Seeing his dedication—he used to get up at 4 am everyday—inspired me. In my school and college days I wasn’t recognised as a bright student. But my younger brother and sister were very studious and from them I got the inspiration to do something good for society.
One dream that you’d like to realise...
VG: I want to do my Masters in Public Policy from a good, renowned university.
Your dream holiday destination...
VG:Any peaceful place, which is far away from the daily chores of life and where you can see nature at its best.
If you had not been in governance then what profession would you have chosen?
VG:Then I would be in the corporate sector as I was studying at IIM-A. So, may be, I would have been in the private sector or started something of my own. g
(As told to Avantika Tyagi)


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Friday, June 29, 2012
hello sir, you r looking very nice in office. sir u r a young and active person. U r feel public problem. Sir ji, i request u plz solve the durga bhawan mandhir shop. Shopkeeper is very tense day by day he is not sleeping in night proplery and his health is down. I know sir u help the shopkeeper.i am wating for ur decision. THANK YOU
Avinash C Mannan
Saturday, June 09, 2012
Mr Vikas Gupta --I am a firm believer that the Base of Indian Adminstarive System is DM-District Magistrate,You happened to be One Member (Solid Brick) of that Foundation. The THREE TIER System--DM/CM/PM of the present admistrative set up is blamed for all and whatever failures possible. I Believe that if India can have 600 Good IAS OFFICER heading Districts as DC/DMs,Their is no way any Corruption can Survive. IAS-Association should come up with the solution ---No One else will ever have a solution---Please let me know if You and other IAS officers will help put forward a solution. I plan to write to Every IAS officer possible for help. Avinash C Mannan Kuwait

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