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Vol. 6 | Issue 3 | June 2012
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Gadkari’s coup
utilises business acumen of MBA & NRI
BJP President Nitin Gadkari is going great guns after the so-called ‘successful covert Mumbai operation’. First, he has again got himself re-elected as party president for two years. Second, he stage managed the presence of Narendra Modi in Mumbai. He was helped in this coup by none other than a Mumbai-based powerful Industrialist who has a strong business presence in Gujarat and controversial NRI businessman Anshuman Mishra. It was a tough job to begin with. But Gadkari was hell-bent on bringing Modi to the meeting. One option was that an amendment in the party constitution would be passed unanimously but Sangh Priya Gautam, Dr J K Jain, and Hukumdev Narain Yadav objected, asking what was the need for the resolution and why was there no discussion in the party. Then, the controversial Sanjay Joshi was asked to stay away from the BJP executive meet but Sanjay chose otherwise. Finally he was asked to step down. Even the top stalwarts of BJP were kept at bay and did not have any clue of what is happening behind the curtains. The only politician who was well informed and party to Gadkari’s takeover plan was Arun Jaitley. g

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