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sept14-img-1JANARDAN Dwivedi, a confidant of Sonia Gandhi and a powerful General Secretary of the Congress party, has recently stated that the leaders who are above 65 to 70 years of age should now look for other assignments and make way for the younger generation. After hearing this, the witty and intelligent General Secretary, Digvijaya Singh, narrated a story to journalists. He said, “The great emperor, Akbar, took the reins of power at the age of 13. He was a child and did not know how to run the country. Akbar was a sharp child; he used to trust Bairam Khan, his military commander and a powerful statesman and regent at his court. He was guardian, chief mentor, adviser, teacher and the most trusted courtier of Humayun. Bairam Khan trained Akbar in politics, economics and military affairs and taught him the intricacies of administration. When Akbar attained the wisdom to run the state alone, one fine day, he called Bairam Khan and said, General Sahib, there are two options — either you go for Haj or take the reins of one of our small States.” There was laughter in the room. Are the Congressmen listening?

Vol. 8, issue 6 | SEPTEMBER | 2014

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