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july-14-imag-36If you are a Gujarat cadre officer and have served the UPA II regime, there is no guarantee that you are protected and will get a good posting. Everyone was shocked when recently, the Prime Minister’s Office shifted a Secretary-rank officer from the finance ministry. As reported in the media, NarendraModi was aware of the officer’s proximity to the UPA II regime’s important leader from Gujarat. It was surprising when the Enforcement Directorate raided a hawala operation from Surat. Nobody knows how the Secretary acted and on whose behalf as, during the elections, there were no directives to move on such cases. Apart from this, it is learnt that South Block was aware of the Secretary’s other activities. gfiles possesses documents which show that he has a house in HauzKhas. The documents bear the address of Kaka Nagar in Delhi and name the owner, his wife. So far so good. The property is rented out to a Gujarat-based public sector undertaking which was earlier headed by the same officer. The officer receives a rent higher than the market price. Interestingly, the PSU is suffering heavy losses and operates only in Gujarat. The reason for a loss-making PSU paying an exorbitant rent is difficult to understand, especially when burrababu is the owner of the guest house and everything can be justified on file. It seems he has paid the price. It is yet to be seen whether the Prime Minister will order an inquiry of his home state PSU’s activities in Delhi.

Vol. 8, issue 4 | JULY | 2014

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