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Advertisement Tariff

(in Rs.) [ figures in percentages represent discount ]
Insertions1 Issue3 Issue(10%)6 Issue(15%)12 Issue(20%)
Full Page4,00,0003,60,0003,40,0003,20,000
Double Spread8,00,0007,20,0006,80,0006,40,000
Outside Back Page7,00,0006,30,0005,95,0005,60,000
Overleaf Double Fold12,50,00011,25,00010,62,50010,00,000
Overleaf Front Cover10,00,0009,00,0008,50,0008,00,000
Overleaf Front Half Cover7,50,0006,75,0006,37,0006,00,000
Inside Front Cover6,50,0005,85,0005,52,5005,20,000
Inside Back Cover5,50,0004,95,0004,67,0004,40,000
Half Page2,50,0002,25,0002,12,5002,00,000
Strip Vert/Horz.1,50,0001,35,0001,27,5001,20,000
PREMIUM POSITION Outside/Inside covers position will be given on first come first basis.
Available Space in Magazine
Space detailsSIZE IN(MM)SIZE IN(CM)
Double Page Spread (Non Bleed)235(H) X 317(W)23.5(H) X 31.7 (W)
Double Page Spread (Bleed)260(H) X 368(W)26.0(H) X 37(W)
Full Page (Non Bleed)235(H) X 159(W)23.5(H) X 15.9(W)
Full Page (Bleed)260(H) X 184(W)26 (H) X 18.5(W)
Overleaf Double Fold260(H) X 370(W)26 (H) X 37(W)
Overleaf Front Cover260(H) X 185(W)26 (H) X 18.5(W)
Overleaf Front Half260(H) X 65(W)26 (H) X 6.5(W)
Half Page (Horizontal)115(H) X 164(W)11.5 (H) X 16.5(W)
Strip (Horizontal)55(H) X 164(W)5.5(H) X 16.5(W)
Single Column(Vertical)225(H) X 5522.5(H) X 5.5(W)

Preferably digital file in CD with EPS/PS/PDF format along with color reference proof. CD containing high resolution images in 300 DPI printable size
and text in vector format. All links should be in CMYK mode and fonts should be embedded with the file OR color separated positives with progressive
proofs and mechanical.

Print Area Width: 6.4″ Height: 9.1″ / Printing Process Photo Offset / Paper Imported Matt Finish (130 GSM) / Deadline 27th of every month

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION : The live matter should be within 5mm from the trim size. For bleed ad, allow 3mm bleed margins from all sides. Gutter margin-4mm (2mm on each page) only for the live matter.

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